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Alisa xayalith dating bicycle speed dating That thought is brought even more to the forefront of listeners' minds when hearing a band like New Zealand's The Naked and Famous , who made their name with some of the most synth-heavy songs to date. However, that notion isn't necessarily true, and we had the opportunity to talk to TNAF front woman Alisa Xayalith all about it. One of the things that made the song so great was its soaring, euphoric electronic sound, so why ever change it? INTERVIEW: Alisa Xayalith Dives Deep Into The Naked and Famous' who made their name with some of the most synth-heavy songs to date. we had the privilege of getting to know the front lady – Alisa Xayalith of the indie electronic band What's your idea of a perfect date?. vocalist and producer) and Alisa Xayalith the band came at The Fox Theatre which is also the last date of their US tour.

From Katy Perry 's politically charged performance at the Grammys to Beyonce 's eloquent acceptance speech, women in pop are not only making headlines but making their voices heard.

Afterwards, we were sent off to bowl together, while fans hung out and watched us from behind stanchions about ten feet away. A big part of being in a band, however, is finding the fun in slightly awkward situations. You get used to being outrageously normal during a variety of surreal experiences. That was one of the first times I had ever encountered another band on alternative radio that had a real, live, human woman in it, and I was so excited that Alisa existed!

A-Sides Interview: The Naked and Famous Discuss Sticking Together and "Simple Forms" (10.4.16)

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morgxn: "Alone/Forever (feat. Alisa Xayalith)" - Last Call with Carson Daly (Musical Performance)

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