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Ante dated and post dating dating advice for an introvert January 10, 2013 1. Cheque. Cheque is a negotiable which can be transferred to another person in exchange of money instrument drawn on a specified banker ordering the banker to pay a certain sum of money to the drawer of cheque or another person. Cheque is always payable on demand. Types of Cheque. i. Ante Dated Cheque. A cheque bearing a date prior to actual date of signing the cheque or opening of an account is called an ante dated cheque which is valid and can be paid till it become stale.

Updated Jun 22, 2018 What is Antedate An antedate is a date entered on a legal contract or check that is prior to the actual date of occurrence. Also known as "backdate. In the financial markets there are several dates associated with an investment that may be considered a type of antedate.

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