Q&A: Repel mosquitoes with an app

By | 13.05.2019

Best anti mosquito app for iphone december 2014 weather Fill 8 Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Not only are they annoying and their bites often itchy, but many carry dangerous diseases. Among a long list of mosquito and tick-borne diseases are Eastern equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus and Lyme disease. West Nile virus is one of the most common carried by mosquitos, and in 2012, West Nile was responsible for 5,674 illnesses and 286 deaths. These apps are available for both iOS and Android and have names like Anti Mosquito-Sonic Repeller or Mosquito Repellent Ultrasounds. Requests to the developers of the seven most popular anti-mosquito apps, Covering up with long sleeves and loose clothing is also a good idea. There is an app, available for iPhone and Android that can actually help in. But it was a lot of fun to try these anti-insect apps for Android & iOS. I've been exactly in your spot, and worked my way towards a good solution just like you.

Fast forward a handful of years and truly there is an app for just about everything. So why not an app that helps repel mosquitoes.

The pitch of sound is so high that humans are not able to hear anything and will only keep away mosquito. This apps are simple and easy to use. These all type of apps works by simulating a sound which is dislike by female mosquito.

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