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Saint seiya poseidon arc sintex water tank 5000 ltr weight Well, there is another show I watched profusely and the was Saint Seiya. The first episode aired in October 11, 1986 and the show exploded in Japan and Latin America mainly in Brazil but struggled to find any footing in North America. For example, only 64 episodes out of 114 or 73 if you only want to count the Sanctuary episodes were dubbed in English. The Asgard storyline did not exist in the manga and was created specifically for the anime. I was disappointed that they could not even finish the arc that they were currently in. This is a subreddit for the fans of the Saint Seiya series! The story is said to lead into an Olympus Arc and following a Titanomachy arc. Theissue of Akita Shoten's Champion RED magazine revealed on Saturday that "Saint Seiya Origin," the second mini-series "season". However I have to be realistic and Saga is gonna be the Saint Seiya villain Also it doesn't help that the Poseidon arc in the anime was a bit.

Trigger Zero 7 months ago 17 Poseidon is one of the most interesting characters to me in the Saint Seiya canon, but I would sooner vote for Kanon than either Poseidon, Hades, or Saga. Saga, before he is fully possessed by his evil persona, imprisons his evil twin Kanon in a watery prison that suppresses Cosmo and floods daily. After being imprisoned for some time and Athena's intervention to keep him from dying Kanon discovers that Poseidon's staff and an amphora housing the soul of the diety are also being housed there.

Saint Seiya Siapa gamers yang tidak kenal Saint Seiya? Berawal dari manga yang sangat terkenal, Saint Seiya karya Masami Kurumada ini kemudian dibuat anime dengan format serial TV yang tayang pada tahun 1986-1989. Ada bagian-bagian terakhir dari manga yang tidak dibuat versi animenya. Diungkapkan pula rahasia pengkhianatan Gemini Saga serta terbunuhnya Sagitarius Aiolos. Cerita berfokus pada seorang yatim piatu bernama Seiya yang dipaksa untuk pergi ke Sanctuary di Yunani untuk mendapatkan Bronze Cloth dari konstelasi Pegasus, sebuah armor pelindung yang dikenakan oleh dewi Yunani Athena.

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