"Royals" Stars Tom Austen and Alexandra Park Dating?

By | 17.05.2019

Alexandra park dating speed dating belfast cool fm It seems the adorable duo are most likely just friends, and based on their Instagram accounts, the friendship of Tom Austen and Alexandra Park is something to emulate. Although these two actors may have more flexibility in the plans they can make together than some other BFFs you know, because they are on a successful TV show , they can still inspire BFFs around the world. While the Jaspenor Jealenor? And, despite Austen posting photos of him alongside super attractive women costars Park, Hatty Preston, and Merritt Patterson, plus Heida Reed and Natasha Loring , Internet sleuthing seems to point to Austen being a single man. The latest Tweets from Alexandra Park . Instagram - @ alexandrapark Who is Alexandra Park dating now and who has Alexandra dated? Let's take a look at Alexandra Park's current relationship, dating history, rumored hookups.

And in what will surely become a tradition every time a new season of The Royals begins or ends, it's time to start theorizing whether or not Alexandra Park and Tom Austen are dating in real-life. As of the Season 2 premiere of The Royals on Nov.

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Since the start of the series, the status of Jasper and Eleanor's relationship has hung in the balance and much of the speculation has trickled out into the actor's real lives. Since a certain pair of actors have incredible chemistry on the The Royals, many fans are still wondering if Alexander Park and Tom Austen are actually dating? To get to the bottom of their mysterious relationship, here are their current dating statuses. Well, whatever I could decipher anyway. And another thing everyone loves?

Alexandra Park & Tom Austen (Jaspenor) - The Royals

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Although, I'm not surprised that I gave it a chance. After all, I end up watching every single show on the network. And as usual, I'm pretty much hooked. I love the outrageous story lines and the characters, and now, I want to know more about the actors in real life. They are all relative unknowns with the exception of Elizabeth Hurley, so this piqued my curiosity.

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