Which prince of tennis episode ?

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Atobe keigo shaved head asian professionals speed dating melbourne By. Kitten92chan Atobe has a bad hair day. This wouldn't seem so bad, however, the great Ore-sama has to handle his four boyfriends -and-... XD It would be nice if you would leave a comment, I'm open for critic but also for compliments winks ; Since English isn't my first language, I hope there aren't so much mistakes But I tried my best, eh? XD So, let's go on with the little story of mine Disclaimer. I don't own any of the characters…even if I would like to pouts --- Atobe Keigo was a very busy man. In fact, he was someone who didn't like it to be late or to change his appointments with his business partners or his boyfriends. But he refuses to pout because he's Atobe Keigo and he absolutely does not ( He allowed Ryoma to shave his head when he lost to him at Nationals, even. Due to a bet Atobe made with Ryoma, in which the loser had to shave his own hair, he supposedly had his head shaved by Ryoma after losing. in which episode of prince of tennis does atobe shave his head (after taki proposed to do it in his place).

The above info came from TJ, and was edited by yours truly contact me. The image came from http.. The entire Hyoutei were his fans and always cheers, "The winner is Hyoutei" or if the regulars were playing, they say the same, only, not Hyoutei but the regulars' names.

He took a slow breath and blinked hard a few times, pulling the court back into focus. And then he almost regretted it, because Echizen was trotting toward him with a smirk, waving an electric razor in one hand. Keigo regarded the buzzing implement with a sneer.

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