5 Tips for a Christ-Centered Dating Relationship

By | 14.05.2019

Christ centered dating cosmogenic radionuclides examples In order to have Christ at the center of your dating relationship, both of you need to have Him at the center of your lives first. It is healthy to have the desire to be married one day, but you should be perfectly content in having God in your life even if you never get married. Before meeting my boyfriend I told God that I was perfectly content with being single and that no matter what, I love Him and I will serve Him with my life. Few days later I met my boyfriend. God often does not give us a spouse until our heart is made right with Him first.

I saw the example in my parents. I saw my parents pray together every day, read the Word together every morning and lead together in church.

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Two people putting God first, seeking Him in every way possible, in order to be as good a spouse as one can be. Where is that relationship going to lead you? You have an awesome boyfriend who is incredibly nice, gives gifts, makes you the happiest in the world. Ask yourself these questions. How is your relationship with God personally? Are your words and actions continually worshipping God?

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