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Dating markets2 dating max age difference Our farms have 50 thousand organic olive trees and more than 13 thousand palm trees. Good Food Mood Co. GFMC has an Important Objective to popularize and retain the Socio-Cultural and Commercial value of dates of Jordan throughout the World and to achieve the Vision in modernizing the dates manufacturing industry to meet the new international food industry standards and to reflect the bright image of the Jordanian industry worldwide, our goal is be able to introduce our Products worldwide and to be leading with our fine quality and modern packing. Quality In What We Do We at our Farms produce tens of tons of dates and olive oil with very high quality using the latest technology. Every Place We Are We are offering our dates and oil products in both regional and global markets from our Jordanian farms. A retailer MUST check a photographic identification that includes a date of birth for any person under the age of 27 who attempts to purchase. Current Date Canada 1oz Gold Maple Leaf Coins Fine (In % perfect Gold Maple Leaf Coins Fine . Performance charts for Pub Equities Emergingkets 2 Fund including intraday, historical and comparison charts, Inception Date11/13/ .

CARACAS -- Venezuela, mired in recession and home to the world's worst-performing stock market this year, provided gutsy emerging-markets investors some of their best returns in recent months. That's because three-month currency contracts maturing last week provided an annualized return in dollars of 123 percent for those who bet on the Venezuelan bolivar.

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