Grindr has introduced protections for users in anti-LGBT+ countries

By | 19.05.2019

Lgbt online protection community grindr dating a firefighters daughter Some threats are universal, while others are specific to--or more commonplace in-- the LGBTQ community. The common element is that knowledge is power. educating yourself on the data is crucial in making safer dating choices in the future. In contrast, a study done by the Urban Institute published much grimmer findings, reporting that 42. When it comes to dating violence, transgender youth are most at risk. 88. Grindr today announced that it has joined forces with global free speech organization, ARTICLE 1 to help protect LGBTQ+ communities in. All dating has its share of risks, and dating in the LGBTQ community is no different. In a statistic not just pertinent to LGBTQ's, but all users of online Grindr continues to get called out for its poor efforts in protecting users. Into, Grindr's own Web magazine, first broke the story. It maintains one of the largest queer communities online, offering one of the only ways gay, “While the security concerns and user leakage would make any user.

Investigators have an important warning to avoid becoming a victim. The victims are often gay men, who find themselves the targets of sinister scammers. Investigators say it rises to the level of a hate crime.

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Racism is Alive and Well in the Gay Community

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