I'm in a Relationship With 3 Men — And It Makes Me Feel Healthier

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Polygamy relationship stories publish ical to google calendar By Audra Williams Jan 20, 2017 Getty Images Growing up in a chaotic, dysfunctional household, I had a hard time imagining what "happily ever after" was going to look like for me. Not having a specific picture in mind was probably for the best, though. I might not have chosen the path I did and wound up here — in a relationship with three different handsome, bearded men, each of whom brings me a different kind of joy. Were any two of you in a relationship before the third one of you joined it? Long story short, the three of us began doing more and more things together and The polygamist relationship between Jacob and his two wives. I might not have choe path I did and wound up here — in a relationship with three different handsome, bearded men, each of whom. Jordan wanted to share her story about her own relationship journey, and dispel Polygamy is often what comes to people's mind when they hear about it.

It felt like I was living with adultery on a daily basis.

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But then Jon came back again, and again and again. And then we were making plans to watch movies and eat pizza. We invited Jon to spend the night.

This is My Story About Polyamory. Our world is an ever evolving place and our generation is welcoming it with open minds and hearts. Gender is a fluid spectrum, from cis to trans and everywhere in between.

61-Year-Old Polygamous Pastor: ‘I Believe Polygamy Benefits My Wives’

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