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Pozmatch.com hiv dating athletes dating cheerleaders It offers an ideal platform for them to meet other singles in a similar condition and find love, friendship and companionship. The dating site for HIV positive people has been in operation since 1998 and is committed to bringing positive singles together in love and companionship. Quick Search You can find HIV Poz Personals within a matter of a few minutes using the Quick Search, where you only have to fill in the details of the type of person you are looking for, man or woman, the age, and profiles with photos. The best part of this quick search is that you can even specify the location of the person, so that you can meet them very soon. For instance, you can select the options, such as within 5 miles of, 10 miles of and so on and then mention your postal code, in order to find and meet other HIV positive singles near you. Unlike other HIV dating sites, PozMatch is an online dating site that was. Anonymous to Place Your Personals Ads and Connect with POS Singles For Friendship, Love, Help/FAQ Contact Us. The Original HIV AIDS Positive Dating Site Since Anonymous to Place Your Personals Ads and Connect with POS Singles For Friendship, Love, Hope .

Active Members Value for Money Being HIV positive could scathe your morale of getting a loving and caring partner who would stick by you throughout. This is because of the inferiority complex that attacks people when they are declared HIV positive.

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Since its launch, this niche dating site has welcomed singles who have been diagnosed positive for HIV or AIDS and given them a safe place where they can discuss their health status with potential love interests. PozMatch has made a positive impact on the dating world by empowering HIV-positive singles to mingle in discussion forums and private chats. Society treated people diagnosed HIV-positive as untouchable pariahs whose sins had brought disease, so HIV-positive singles often had to struggle alone. Juno Roche was diagnosed as HIV-positive over 25 years ago. At that time, she was told she had a life expectancy of about six months.

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Dating With HIV

Living With HIV: Dating & Relationships

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