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What does ggg mean online current online dating sites Fight Picks. Canelo Alvarez vs. Following the controversial nature of their draw in September of last year, a bout most onlookers felt Golovkin won, the two simply had to meet again. The return bout was scheduled for May, but Canelo tested positive for Clenbuterol and was given a backdated six-month suspension. Dan Savage on Online Dating, Pride, and Being GGG BL: Do you think that apps and dating online has allowed people to means doing something that you wouldn't want to do if you were just drawing up your own menu. Let's revisit my original definition of GGG: "GGG stands for good, giving, and game, which is what we should all strive to be for our sex partners. But I hope I can convince you that you (If you're new to the term, GGG was coined by Dan Savage and means good in bed, giving of equal.

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gggg meaning

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