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Who is justina from wild n out dating dating site user demographics Disregarding her music career, this rapper is a familiar face on television. Many questions have been asked about her since she became famous with people wanting to know more about her early life as much as her career and musical influences. Keeping that in mind, the following are the facts worth knowing about the rap star. While things like the identity of her parents and siblings if any , her upbringing and educational background have remained a mystery, it is known that she hails from a family that is inclined to the art of making music. Justina Valentine dating history, , , list of Justina Valentine relationships. Land, All the Way, and Unbelievable, Nick Cannon Prets: Wild 'N Out. So, is Justina Valentine, the hot and beautiful looking rapper, . fitness model and Instagram star, Sommer Ray on the sets of MTV 'Wild 'n Out. Justina:Alright Big Baby you built like a pregant woman nah you built like 4 plates of loaded tater tots man you look like you say that bitch dont look better than me alot + Nick:Ok Time for A performance by our very own Justina Valentine called Justina Valentine + Justina:*Singing.

Nick CannonHost Nick Cannon Nick Cannon has entertained audiences in film, on television, on record, onstage and online for over 20 years. The talented artist continues to dominate all facets of entertainment as a comedian, host, actor, writer, director, executive producer, DJ, philanthropist and children's book author.

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