20 Cheerleaders Who Dated Athletes

By | 25.05.2019

Athletes dating cheerleaders relationship too intense too soon Who woulda thunk! From movies telling us that the athlete gets all the girls, to that actually happening in each school — no matter how ugly the dude. While the pairings may be stereotypical, their stories are a bit more unique. Amanda Vanderpool Next on our list is yet another beautiful blonde cheerleader — except this time, for a hockey team. But a cheerleader dating a football player is the perfect love story! are 15 smoking hot cheerleaders who got too “close” to athletes despite. These athletes still got to experience what it was like to date a cheerleader, which is more than many of us will ever experience. Do professional or college athletes have sexual relations with their Why is it unethical for professional cheerleaders to date the players but.

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He was apparently cool with a few girls tagging his property, since it was going to be renovated soon. The incriminating picture has since been deleted, leading some to take this as another sign they were dating but tried to keep it a secret. Jones was rumoured to have engaged with nearly half of the football team and contracted several illnesses during her escapades.

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Why was it such a big deal? Well, in 2011 Nelson's team, the Bills, played the Dallas Cowboys—who Kelsi was a cheerleader for at the time. What he did next made national headlines. The article predicted he would propose to his cheerleader girlfriend, but instead, he merely hugged her and gave her the game-winning ball.

Oh, you would? Well sorry, there are just 20 here. These days she... Start Slide Show 20. So normally at this point I'd say the court has spoken and the allegations were totally false.

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We're all familiar with his sexual assault allegations, divorce and such, but there was a rumor that he was involved with a Lakers cheerleader several years ago. Her name was Vanessa same as his wife apparently, but ultimately, this was never proven, so we must keep Kobe in the honorable dishonorable?