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Ben tennyson harem fanfic 3d animation courses in bangalore By. honored cur After being informed of a danger to all sapient life in the galaxy, Professor Paradox and Azmuth grab a newly eighteen year old Ben Tennyson to save them all. By breeding with girls across the galaxy! Ben X Harem... More rated M things will appear in nearly if not all other chapters. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Events of his past are catching up to his present and will take Ben into a new adventure. I have adopted this story from yugiohfan163.

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IDK if you take suggestions for non-canon girls, but here's an idea for an alien girl to add. Text wall incoming color schemes differ among this race; these colors are only for her . Akusia Ah-koo-zhuh Race. Bakomorian a race I created Age. 18 Bakomorions age at the same rate as humans, as their planet, Bakuneiron, is the same distance from their sun as Earth is from ours Appearance. Like all Bakomorions, Akusia has three forms. Normal Form. Akusia's normal form is roughly 6'6". Her face has a human base, but she has the ears with pink insies and nose which is black, no long snout of a bat, no eyebrows, pale pink skin, cerise hair in a large braid that wraps counter-clockwise around her neck when undone, it reaches to where her ankles would be , and solid sky blue eyes. Bakomorion eyes are typically shaped like semicircles angled to where the flat ends form an upward-opening V-shape, but they can change shape to display other emotions like fear or sadness.

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Co-Writer GreyKing46 We do not own these characters. Outskirts of Bellwood. And in an abandoned laboratory a red clothed, white haired individual was working in an alien computer and genetics room. The Hero wielding the Omnitrix. Albedo was currently working on a new Ultimatrix and also working to bring back an extinct species of alien, which was currently in an incubation vat.

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Having grown uncontent in his own world, Ben decides to stay and try to live a normal life. But when he signs up for the homestay program, those hopes all but destroyed by his life's usual chaos. He decided to journey the universe he spent his years protecting.