Co-Founder Speed Dating 2019

By | 25.05.2019

Co founder speed dating can you send photos through match At the same time, skilled people are looking for startups to become part of. In Utrecht, startups and potential co-founders came together and went on a speed date. Centrally located right next to the train station, this proved to be an ideal location to attract people from all over The Netherlands. As a founder you have to be able to find a suitable co-founder, to hire people and to keep those people with the company. Great at developing cool stuff, but need a business savvy comrade to bring it all together? Need design help? Co-Founder Speed Dating will. Networking events such as FounderDating and Startup Weekend help entrepreneurs meet potential co-founders. Meet potential Co-Founders. and you are interested in the Founder Institute program, then join us for the Founder Speed Dating event.

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The three software developers immediately bonded over their interest in lean start-up principles and Ruby on Rails, a programming framework. After months of coffee shop meetings and late nights discussing software code, the three decided to take their work relationship to the next level. They moved in together—temporarily leaving their spouses behind—and devoted all their time to launching their company, Curebit, which makes software that lets businesses offer discounts to customers who recommend their products on Facebook. It is no wonder that Curebit's story sounds like a kind of strange romance. The company's creators met through FounderDating, an event in San Francisco and Seattle that is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs meet potential co-founders and hone their business ideas.

Pitch 41 - Co-Founder Speed Dating & Pitching #13

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Kevin Learned on Pitching - Startup Speed Dating

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