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How to be a successful scammer angela simmons baby father funeral By Cassandra Cross , Queensland University of Technology It is easy for those of us who have ignored emails from Nigerian princes or refused to transfer money on behalf of an online love interest to scroll past stories about scams, thinking it could never be us. And given fraud has one of the lowest reporting rates, this is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. Too often, we focus our attention on the culpability of victims in these situations. How exactly do fraudsters get victims to do such outlandish things? Some offenders target specific victims and build a profile of them through online or offline tracking. Originally Answered: How can I become a great scammer? . can easily become very successful by applying them in a legal business. Jim Edwards” with the help of Doug Shadel, author of "Outsting the Scam help you appear legitimate, confident and successful even when you are not. A successful scam requires tender loving grooming and just going right out there and shouting at the victim is likely to get you off on the wrong.

I worked in 30 fraudulent business operations over a 10-year period, pitching everything from gold coins to time-shares to oil and gas leases and other business opportunities. These scams took in millions of dollars.

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Convicted Con Artist Reveals How He Scammed Others

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YouTube Scam Revealed - The "Fake Gurus" Can't Hide Once You Know This Trick

Anthony Morrison Scam Fraud - How To Make Money Online

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