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Katawa shoujo hanako route dating my mom trailer My first reaction was to think this was going to be horrible horrible stuff. Yes, I was intrigued. Hence the delay in my own post compared to the rest of the gaming blogosphere. Also major spoilers from this point on. I've played this game through like 5 times, but All I got was Emi and the Forever Alone endings.:(can anyone tell me what choices I have to. A page for describing YMMV: Katawa Shoujo. Shizune's route is either a terribly written route lacking in romantic relations with an unlikable character, or a . Sa route est une ACCUMULATION DE SOUMISSIONS, parce qu'elle sait ptet pas parler la Shizune, mais elle sait utiliser ses mains, et en.

Its been a while and I'll have you know its because I've been planning something exciting! I have been busy with work and such but when I have a spare momment I have been playing the Visual Novel "Katawa Shoujo" and I have come to you with an amazing Review and I hope you enjoy it.

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In fact it was this same bile fascination that lead to me trying out the game in the first place. How could anyone resist trying a dating sim created by 4chan that fetishized the handicapped? Surely it would be the most morally repulsive thing the site had ever produced! The sites that were expected to report on how truly vile a product this was ended up reporting that it was actually respectful and sensitive about its subject matter. The girls happen to have disabilities, but the more you get to know them, the more you come to realize that they are girls just like any other.

Katawa Shoujo - 105 - Baring All [Hanako Route] (Let's Play/Playthrough)

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katawa shoujo kenji route

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