11 Ways To Create Seductive & Engaging Headlines

By | 21.06.2019

Seductive headlines examples training activities for teachers Quick question. Do your blog posts receive the attention they deserve? Are your headlines so delicious, so tempting that people feel compelled to click through and read your posts? An inspirational post without an enticing headline is like a scrumptious cupcake in a colorless box. For me, crafting a seductive headline is a multi-stage process, Sometimes I just scan through the list of great headlines to get my brain juices.

But YES.

Founder, VirtualValley. Yep, brace yourself because it's going to blow your mind with it's ingenuity, genius and complexity. And not just many articles so you get to write many headlines but for each article you write, you need to write at least 20 possible headlines and then choose your favourite. Like all worthwhile things in life. wealth, fitness and my wife JOKE ; , creating clickable headlines is simple... Founder, SharonHh.

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