Tandem Bank launches scheme powered by AUTOSAVINGS app

By | 23.05.2019

Tandem banking app free country dating sites australia Tandem Bank partnered with intive to work on the selection of cutting-edge banking services, which aim at simplifying and personalizing finance management. Branche Financial Services The bridge between Poland and the UK There are a meaningful business partnership and some great teamwork, lying behind this story. From the very beginning, the cooperation was based on integration and strengthening the relationships between Poland and England-based developers. The mixed English-Polish teams as well as regular face-to-face meetings in both countries, created an opportunity for extra insights into the project goals and possibilities, resulting in a smooth and efficient development process. Tandem, the digital bank, has hit users after one year in It now offers two credit cards and a fixed saver account, alongside an app. Today Tandem Bank announces that it has reached a landk Tandem gives people control of their money through a banking app that uses. Customers will be able to use Auto Savings through Tandem's banking app, which can aggregate financial data from across all of a user's.

From digital-first current accounts, that help customers set spending targets, to mobile wealth management platforms , fintech companies have been busy finding creative ways for customers to lead more flexible financial lives. Tandem recently announced its own Autosavings account, which uses machine learning to calculate how much customers can afford to put aside, as well as a partnership with digital payments specialist Token to improve its open banking capabilities.

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