Jamie Dornan: 'I'm insecure about everything'

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Christian grey real accent dating advice guru podcast After the first film was released, fanatics discovered the secret locations for the film. In an effort to outwit the crazed fans, an alias was created. This alias was likely to not only trick fans trying to catch a peek, but also prevent paparazzi from intruding. James admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair. Universal Pictures got the movie deal by giving James complete control over everything from casting to wardrobe and dialogue. With his fluffed-up hair and pert, pretty little face, Dornan's Grey to interview Hobbit-faced billionaire Christian Grey , manage only an intermittent approximation of an American accent. Those peepers prove to be all too fathomable, as Dornan fails to convey real depth to his character. Who was he before he became the real-life Christian Grey? His Irish accent was so thick, when he took the role of Christian Grey he needed. He made headlines for his portrayal of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, and now he's back for its sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. But his real accent? Well.

It could be good. It could be bad. Or it could be catastrophic.

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Jamie grew up as the grandson of Methodist preachers and had no ties to Hollywood. His Irish accent was so thick, when he took the role of Christian Grey he needed to practice hard at sounding like he'd been born and raised in America. He worked with a dialect coach and his co-star Dakota Johnson helped him a lot, too.

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And while clearly, Zellweger's hardly the lonely single gal she portrayed on-screen I mean, the girl dated Bradley Cooper! Given her Oscar nom, it's pretty clear Zellweger did, in fact, rock it. But by the number of celebs employed to play and speak as someone else entirely ahh, the art of acting , it really shouldn't come as a surprise that Hollywood is filled with foreign accents. But whether you're blind to it me or not, celebrities with accents in real life basically get an automatic bump on the hotness scale.

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