Roman Culture/Constantine and early Christianity

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Constantine sign in the sky jamie dornan movies and tv shows Constantine was in charge of Britain and Gaul, but his brother-in-law Maxentius waged war against Galerius and seized Italy and Rome itself. Maxentius came out to fight and was destroyed at the Milvian Bridge, which carried the Via Flaminia over the Tiber into the city. The battle was one of a succession of victories that in AD 324 made Constantine master of the entire Roman Empire, but it is most famous for its link with his conversion to Christianity, which would prove to be one of the most important events in world history. Christian author Lactantius, writing several years after the battle, described, “ Constantine was directed in a dream to cause the heavenly sign to. of the cross in the sky was observed not only by Constantine but by the soldiers with him. Did Constantine have such a vision? He became convinced that this was a sign from the one true and. Constantine dreamed he saw a Christogram in the sky and heard the words IN This sign, a simple overlaying of the Greek letters Chi and Rho was an.

He did so after witnessing the sight of a cross in the sky along with his entire army.

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Constantine's vision 10-27

Up till the time of his vision, Constantine like many of his predecessors had worshipped the Greek and Roman gods, particularly Apollo, Mars and Victory. Yet surprisingly, even after his dream experience, and subsequent victory over Maxentius, it is recorded that he continued to worship these gods. Yet, over a period of years, the experience of the sign, and the victory at the Milvian bridge, eventually led Constantine to favour and later to convert to the Christian faith. Subsequent successors to Constantine generally continued this trend, and as a result the Greek and Roman gods all but disappeared from Roman life. Until this time, Christians had been seen as a threat to the stability of Rome, since they refused to recant their faith and worship the more popular gods of Rome.

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