The difficulties of dating #1: age is not equal to experience

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Dating black glass bottles dating night preston At sometime in its life the bottle was made into a lamp and a tiny hole was drilled into the body which has now been filled. Height 10 inches, width 8 inches. The string rim seems to be applied by a novice as its finished off rather crudely and the pontil is extremely jagged with a large chunk of glass still present. All this adds in its appeal and gives the bottle great presence! With some exceptions, early English black glass was thicker and/or bottle types , although there are "transitional mallets" dating between the. The majority of common bottle glass is "soda-lime glass" which is priily composed of . Some of the better dating reliability is for bottles with manganese dioxide . High levels of iron produce darker greens, black glass, and even amber. for black glass bottles will help researchers rec Finish style dated about (Jones , pp. beer bottles dating from the s to the s.

One of the things that really confused me when I first became interested in early colonial period black glass, was how to easily tell English produced pieces from Dutch or Belgian bottles. Depending on where they spent the past 2 or 3 hundred years, and considering the wide variations in lip finishes, surface wear, and patina gathered over the decades and centuries, I saw many "light" English pieces offered as Dutch, and many "dark" Dutch pieces offered as English.

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