Past Weather in London, England, United Kingdom — December 2014

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December 2014 weather dating app for arab At the same time, the event was much less likely in the representations of a climate without human influence, showing that climate change greatly affected the odds of such a month occurring. The observed temperature anomaly is so far outside the expected distribution that the odds are difficult to determine. We find that anthropogenic climate change approximately doubled the occurrence probability of the event for lower return times. Weather reports from in Tokyo, Japan with highs and lows. Weather reports from in Los Angeles, California, USA with highs and lows. BBC Weather's Peter Sloss said the cold temperatures mean it is already colder now than it was during "a good chunk of last winter", from.

The heaviest one-day rainfall in the region — as much as 494 mm 19. The torrential rain collapsed roads and bridges, and halted air and train travel in and out of the city, stranding hundreds of passengers.

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The total duration of sunshine recorded in the month was 75. Two rainy episodes on 5 and 9 December mostly contributed to the monthly rainfall of 64. However, the annual rainfall of 1874.

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The most notable was the heat wave in Argentina. However, in general, extreme variability was the theme thanks to extreme amplitudes of the jet stream. Severe flooding affected portions of Brazil, Kenya, and the Middle East where a cold snap and rare heavy snow also occurred in some locations.

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Close window Close window This section of the new site isn't ready yet. We've brought you back to the current site. Share this. The averaging period used for the following assessment was 1981-2010. UK overview For much of December the weather was from the west, giving milder, wetter spells, particularly in the north and west, interspersed by drier brighter days. The moist, mild Atlantic air gave some notably high temperatures but there were colder spells too from 3rd to 14th and more especially from 27th to 30th.