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By | 12.05.2019

Development and validation of a smartphone addiction scale alaska dating sites for free It is a 10-item, monodimensional, self-administered questionnaire, which was validated using a large Korean sample. The sample consisted of 633 adolescents and young adults, recruited from High Public School and University in Italy, with a mean age of 18 years. The validation process consisted in forward-backward translation, and factor structure testing. Conclusion. A valid and reliable Smartphone Addiction Scale in Short Version was developed which can be used for research and clinical assessment of adolescents and young adults with smartphone addiction. Introduction In recent decades, the progress of technology has been considerable. The Stphone Addiction Scale: Development and Validation of a Short Version for Adolescents Min Kwon Dai-Jin Kim Hyun Cho Soo Yang3* The majority of these studies have focused on the development and validation of of the German version of the Stphone Addiction Scale for Adolescents. Objective: This study was designed to investigate the revised and short version of the stphone addiction scale and the proof of its validity in adolescents.

Among the results, statistically significant differences in E-SAPS18 scores were found in gender, age, level of education, smartphone main use and self-reported addiction. Furthermore, correlates suggest that smartphone addiction, social media use, and Internet addiction might share a similar underlying mechanism. However, these digital technologies have the added benefit of allowing us to economize both time and money, to the extent that access to personal computers is quickly becoming irrelevant.

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