Phoenix TV anchor Andrea Robinson says goodbye to Fox 10 morning show

By | 14.05.2019

Fox news 10 phoenix morning show are we dating or boyfriend girlfriend The 56-year-old Mesa resident is currently the morning show anchor, where you can watch him Monday through Friday from 4.30-10 a. Read on for where his passion comes from, and keep scrolling for a video of five of his favorite things about living in the Valley. What brought you to Arizona? When I was in about 6th grade living in Wenatchee, Washington, the apple capital of the work, my very first job was picking apples. I was listening to a broadcast of the Seattle Supersonics one cold, miserable day up there, and the announcer was talking about what a beautiful day it was in Phoenix, since the Supersonics were playing the Phoenix Suns. Andrea Robinson, who has been part of the morning show on Fox 10 since Channel 10 VP/news director Doug Bannard said in a statement. Yes, former Fox 10 morning-show personality Andrea Robinson can sleep in later now. “In TV news, you show up for everybody else, but the last person you show up for Memorable Phoenix TV anchors through the years. Andrea Robinson said goodbye to the morning show on Fox 10 Wednesday after 12 years Who has been on Phoenix TV news the longest?.

Before becoming a meteorologist, McCloskey acted, recorded jingles for national commercials, and modeled in New York City — all which helped him define his true passions and acted as stepping-stones for his goofy and loveable brand. Last month he was faced with a tricky situation on live TV, which then became an Internet sensation with a viral video attached.

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