Boxing’s Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya and his family life

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Oscar de la hoya family great recession of 2008 He is known all over the world for his looks, talent in the ring and his great sportsmanship. He is one of the best fighters in the field of boxing and a good role model for young children in the world today. His mother, Cecilia, passed away in her late thirties when breast cancer attacked her body. Oscar is the youngest boy in the family. The De La Hoya name is a very familiar one for boxing fans as it reprets several male members of a family that has continued in the same. Oscar De La Hoya is an American retired professional boxer also known as The Coming from a family of boxers, Oscar began boxing at the age of 6 idolizing. Oscar De La Hoya American boxer Called the "Golden Boy" since he The family, including an older brother, Joel Jr., and a sister, Ceci, did not.

Thanks for watching! In 1990, he won the national Golden Gloves title in the 125-pound division and was the youngest U.

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He is the first Hispanic boxer to own a national boxing promotional firm and has generated more money from the sports than any other boxer. He was named a public figure in 1992 when he was the only American to win a boxing gold medal in the Summer Olympics for that year. De La Hoya soon became a promising marketable product, he suddenly became wealthy and women started to get attracted to him. Despite the success he achieved in his young age, he struggled to be accepted as a respectable boxer among the Mexican communities. He was even accused of using his native image only when it was convenient to attract the Mexican fans and their market.

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